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The company Bormstaal BV was founded in 1986. Alain Borm is started from a garage and gradually the company has expanded further. In recent years much has been invested in new machinery. The expectation is that sales growth over the next few years will go quickly. In Bormstaal are top quality and delivering on promise. For employees Bormstaal customer is king and their flexible approach to urgent orders delivered on time. This may also because Bormstaal a large stock of plates and structural steel sections in many grades, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. We have own transport.

Strategy Bormstaal specializes in cutting, and put the sheet material processing. With our modern machinery we can offer a very good quality at a competitive price delivered. Bormstaal delivers quality and on time. If necessary we can deliver very quickly.

In recent years we have made improvements in the manufacturing and automation, among others, inventory and purchasing management. The aim is to reduce cost of the final, so we can improve our competitiveness and customer focus can always quoting.

Quality To produce as cheaply as possible is a condition that the production control and product quality is good. We monitor and analyze the production process therefore continue. This approach leads to the creation of many procedures, so that the desired quality is becoming higher and always will be realized.

New construction Production was divided into two halls that are independent of each other. In the spring of 2008 the two halls are connected to each other. In particular for the improvement of the overhead cranes are working under the new roof installed. There is a new production layout made, including the new 12 meter long brake and the new plant are included.

Extension of the sale! Because Bormstaal has recently invested heavily in expanding into new machinery and expansion of the production is very well possible. Just over the border in Belgium, many large companies in the (petro) chemical industry, shipping and in the automotive industry established, particularly in the ports of Antwerp and Ghent. Order to expand sales, are working actively approaching potential customers, both the Netherlands and in Belgium and France.

More and more well-targeted brand acquisition is also developing a marketing strategy to improve the reputation of Bormstaal in the rest of Zealand in Belgium and France and of great importance. Building name recognition is something of a long breath. We are working on a broad marketing campaign through magazines and through exchanges, such as trade shows in Antwerp or Ghent or the stock market in Contacta Goes. Bormstaal has a good reputation through a conventionally good quality on time delivery. Especially Bormstaal distinguishes itself by delivering orders on time with very urgently need to be achieved. Bormstaal This image has been built, but we’re always working to further strengthen this.